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My style is natural, timeless reportage wedding photography. I look for the real moments. Genuine smiles and tears, I like to tell an honest story of your wedding being while being unobtrusive throughout the day.

From the preparations at the start of the day until the dance floor is in full swing. For me wedding photography is about moments, reactions, emotion and atmosphere.

Each wedding is unique, and that's what I want to capture, without interrupting your celebrations asking you to pose. It's all just a very nice way of saying that I am very observant, creative and not bossy in any way. I want to create beautiful images which are a true reflection of the day.

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I'm James

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If you like, honest, friendly and real photos, I’m your person

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I know you've been searching for 'the one'. You've looked everywhere but nobody ever quite fits the bill. Search no longer - James is the one.

From the moment we were engaged, my now-wife knew who she wanted to capture and catalogue our day. We had encountered James' work before at a friend's wedding. Those pictures were excellent and James came across friendly, approachable and engaging with wedding guests. So we booked him up before anything else. And we are eternally happy we did so.
From the get go, James is so easy to communicate with and he is keen to understand what you want for him on your day. Far from just trying to add to his own portfolio, he wants to grab those moments that capture perfect memories for you, and for us he certainly succeeded. Our pictures were amazing (seriously, I can't stress this enough. They were STUNNING. He's a very talented man) but more than that, what James managed to do is blend seamlessly into our wedding and take hold of and save all the beautiful, natural occurrences that make weddings such wonderful events.

Thank you for recording our day in all the best possible ways James. You made two, pretty camera-awkward people very comfortable throughout and we will cherish our photos forever.

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