Best Of 2017

January 14, 2018

What can I say that will sum 2017 up in a concise and tidy sentence ? ?Blooming awesome year of fun, travel and lots of love and laughs!?

Last year I have had the pleasure of photographing and being part of a whole host of wonderful weddings, from the shores of the breathtakingly gorgeous Sorrento in Italy to the stunning Dorset coast and back to the hustle and bustle of our fabulous capital city. I?ve been lucky to call three weddings in vineyard my job (I know!), I?ve headed out into the woods, into corn fields and literally countless amazing backdrops that have made my job so much more special. The best thing the past year has brought me was the ability to improve as a Portsmouth wedding photographer,?I like to think I’ve managed to improve on last years best of.

I?ve witnessed some incredible and questionable dancing (mainly towards the end of the evenings), I?ve got plenty of lumps in my throat from that groom?s first look at the beautiful bride and my face has hurt so much due to smiling from ear to ear for such long periods of the year.?Being asked to be the photographer for someone?s wedding is a huge honour and one that I know I am privileged to have so regularly throughout a year. Each couple I get to spend time with I get to know at one of their happiest times in life, it?s really quite something to experience and there have been many times I have had to pinch myself that I get to call this ?work?!

The journey I get to take with them from their engagement shoot, which is always a great way to help people relax about having a camera pointed at them, to the time spent getting ready on the big day, to the ceremony and the joy of celebrating afterwards and seeing everyone let their hair down ? often quite literally!

One of my favourite parts of the whole process, after I?ve been through and edited the 184628173691 photos I?ve taken, is seeing the newlywed?s reaction when I hand over the final album. They?ve waited so patiently to get to relive that day you can almost see them edging closer by the second as I hand it over, there?s no better job satisfaction than that moment right there. The past year has also seen me head off to lots of wedding photography workshops to hone my
skills, get some new ideas and to make sure I?m the best I can be. I’ll certainly be attending many more in 2018 to keep me fresh.

I?ll close this note with a HUGE thank you to all the now happily married couples that asked me to be the one to capture their special day, I am always delighted to be bestowed with that task and wish everyone one of you all the love, luck and fortune in the world.

For those of you getting married in 2018 I very much look forward to meeting you, if you?re still thinking about booking then I better say I?m 75% booked up already! I have no doubts it will be yet another one for the history books, I’ve just about managed to wrap this up in 150 photographs I hope you enjoy them all as much as I did making them. Press play on that slideshow play and turn that volume up!



Great work James. Lovely use of light and so many emotions!

Wow dude – what a year! Awesome work! Cannot wait to see your work in 2018

What an amazing year you’ve had James – all the best with 2018!

WOW – i love seeing your work, just wish i had you photograph our wedding!

What perfect work James!! Really lovely style 🙂

What an amazing year you had! Great stuff!

Thanks so much Luis! Can’t wait to get started this year!