Kara & Jim Wedding

July 31, 2016

I first came across Kara and Jim at a previous wedding last September. They invited me along to celebrate their special day starting in Poole and finishing the day at the lovely Sunny Fields. We were blessed with a gorgeous summers day, not having to worry about the rain for once made a welcome change!

A lot of the wedding was put together by Jim, his family and Kara. Sunnyfields certainly didn’t disappoint and provided us with a lovely sunset towards the end of the day.?The day itself was just a privilege to be part of from start to finish I had a fantastic time and met some wonderful people.

Kara Hayward?”Your most amazing photos has made me cry each day I wake up I look though all the lovely moments you have captured . I think you have such talent and are gifted . These memories will stay with me and my family forever due to your beautiful work. Thank you once again. And I highly recommend that others should book with you !!!!!! Big love”

“You have blown my mind away with all these amazing photos. I’m so happy that I choose you !! Thank you so much”

Dawn Johnson?”Such amazing natural photos”

Richard Gosler “Hi James, I was at the wedding and have seen some of the images from the day. And I have to say I like your style. Some really great material from the day. I used to do a lot of corporate event photography a while back so it?s nice to see something that?s a cut above the usual”

Venue – Poole Guildhall?&?Sunny Fields

Wedding Dress – Isobel’s Bridal &?Groom

Band – Rat Race

Here?s what happened?